Ways To Monetize Your Blog

There are millions of blogs available on the web; most of them are powered by Word Press or Blogger. Some bloggers are successful to monetize their blog, but most of them are not. If you are one of them who are unsuccessful to monetize your blog, then you may try to monetize your blog, then follow the below mentioned ways to monetize your blog.

By affiliate marketing i.e. by directing the visitor of your blog to other product or services and earn commission when a transaction effected through the link of your blog

If you are finding the useful ways to monetize your blog traffic his blog Affiliate Marketing is the best avenue to do the same. If your blog content with useful and unique information then the visitor like to visit your blog to read quality and informative content. So you may take these advantages by placing some affiliate marketing company’s product link related to your blog. When a visitor of your blog clicks the link and subscribe the product of services then you earn a commission.

The following are the 3 useful ways to monetize your blog traffic:

1 Affiliate Program: Select Affiliate Product related to your blog content If you decide to monetize your blog think of the affiliate product or services related to your blog.

Affiliate companies pay per action to their advertisement either a sales effect or a click on their link, the visitor either click a link and sign up a service or buy a product, or a transaction effect then a commission generate to your account. So, the affiliate product is more related to your content the chances of getting more click and more commission generation to your account.

To find a targeted affiliate product you may sign up with companies like: Amazon, Commission Junction, Link Share, Pay-dot Com, Share a Sale, Ad Uncle etc. And select the affiliate product related the content of your blog.

2 Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement: Google Ad-Sense is most popular among PPC Ads program and widely used by bloggers. According to the content of your blog Google Ad- Sense insert the contextual (image or text link) advertisement to your blog, when visitor click the advertisement you earn a commission.

In order to place Adsense advertisement in your blog you have to apply with Google Ad- Sense program with your blog link and they will review your blog or website and after approval you insert an Adsense advertisement in your blog.

Other Pay Per Click Advertisers are: Chitka, Bidvertiser, Ad Toll etc.,

3. Amazon Affiliate Program: You may apply to the Amazon Affiliate program and after approval you may put banner link of Amazon Products in your blog. When a visitor of your blog makes a transaction with the link inserted by you, a certain percentage of commission will generate in your account. The commission percentage is depending upon the product you sell.

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