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Wealthy Affiliate is an online membership website who train and guide people to become successful in the internet marketing business.  Wealthy affiliate is established in the year 2005 by two very young aspirant internet marketers namely Carson and Kyle.  Wealthy Affiliate Reviews educate theoretically and practically thousands of its members, how to start an internet marketing business and how to succeed in online business.  Wealthy Affiliate is not only providing training on building a website and how to get it ranked in various search engine to earn money online but it has also given an opportunity to discuss the problem and share innovative ideas amount with the co-members and mentors within the forum.


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The Benefits of Wealthy Affiliates Membership

At the beginning Wealthy Affiliate is meant for the basic members who want to start affiliate marketing business to earn money online.  Now it has developed and design in such a way that from beginners to most experience and successful internet marketers will also get help and innovative ideas from the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools

Wealthy Affiliate training is updated, complete and structured.  The training prepares for a brand newbie to the successful marketers who want to reach in a new level of success.  The training includes:    


 There are several very important and useful tools are available at Wealthy Affiliate.  Such as:

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Members of Wealthy Affiliate one can access the above tools to run and get success in the internet marketing business.

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Wealthy Affiliate members can build their dreamed business website or blog with Word Press .  Word Press is well accepted blogging platform in the world and thousands of free templates are available to make your blog or website.  Wealthy Affiliate is also provided free hosting to the members through siterubix.com.  You can host your website or blog with siterubix.com without bearing the hosting cost or otherwise you can choose your own hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Rights

Two types of membership are available at Wealthy Affiliate:

1)      Starter Member Join Now  

As a Starter member you can access Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (Level)

Out of 13 Class Room Starter Member can access 3 classrooms

Affiliate Boot camp (Phase I)

All Basic training and tools

You can build and host 2 Blog or Website free of cost

30 Keyword searches in a month

Access of 500 plus training modules

You can get live support for the first seven days from the owner and other expert

Members in the forum or live chat.

2)     Premium Member (Join Now)

As a Premium Member apart from the above you will get access of advanced training and tools to start your online business.  And also take the advantage of unlimited web building and hosting.

Personal support one on one with the owner Carson and Kyle and from support from the experts and co-members with the community.

Every Friday live video classes with question and answers that will help you to build your successful internet business

You can access of old video classes which will help you to develop and successfully run your online business.

You can enter the classroom and access 13 classes on topics lines a) Search Engine Optimization b) Keyword Research c) Niche Research d) Affiliate Program, e) Authoring and writing content, f) Social Engagement and Marketing, f) Pay per click marketing g) Website Development and Marketing g) Everything Word press h) Local Marketing, i) Video Marketing, J) E-mail Marketing, k) The Wealthy Affiliate Program

If you stack up anywhere in your Internet marketing business you can take part in Global Activity where in you can post your problem and find solutions that were posted by the other expert members.

Get access of unlimited Keyword Research Tool

Get access to Book Camp from Phase I to Phase V

You can build unlimited website and hosting

Lucrative Affiliate Commission


Opportunity to earn from Wealthy Affiliate

You can earn commission by promoting your affiliate link.  When someone join with Wealthy Affiliate as Premium Member through your unique link you will start earning commission, and the commission will accounted in your favor month after month till the member continue membership with WA.  Promoting Wealthy Affiliate is not very difficult because the people may join with Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and see the tools and teaching courses offered, and after feeling comfortable they may join as a Premium Member and get full access of WA.

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

It is observed that Wealthy Affiliate has huge information and training and for these reasons new member sometimes mislead if they don’t begin with starter tutorials at the start.  I have also realized that members who live in Asian Countries are missing many members even the owners online due to the huge time difference.   Live chat also sometimes disturbs you from focusing on training.


What is the cost of Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Starter Membership                   :  Free

Premium Membership     :  $ 47 monthly or $ 359 yearly

Within 7 days of your joining as a Starter Member if you upgrade to Premium Membership then your 1st month’s cost will be only $19.

 My Judgment

Last three years I have done several wide-ranging research on the Wealthy Affiliate website and thoroughly study the programs, tools and training and it is proved that this program is not only helping beginners but also to the internet marketers who are in this field for some times and earned from online marketing.  It is my duty to help my readers to enlighten them to appropriate programs to get success through online marketing without spending much money.

Many programs are available online and I have tested most of them and it is observed that most programs are mainly planned as MLM program or means for promoting the product itself.  Training and developing an aspiring online marketer to a successful internet marketer is not there.

In my long experience in Internet and experience with different program I realize that a newbie internet marketer needs guidelines to move through a vast internet market and move towards the goals of success.

To develop as a successful internet marketer, it is required to build a website or blog, hosting services and many other tools.  If you procure all these separately you have so spent huge sum of money, but you cannot avoid them since it is very vital for your success in internet business.  Some expenses are in regular nature.  For beginners bear the above expense for a long time is very difficult since they cannot earn money in the very beginning.  To solve this problem and to help the beginner’s Wealthy Affiliate provide all the necessary tools, like free domain, hosting, keyword research, link protector, etc., at free of cost or very nominal monthly charges.

Wealthy affiliate offered a free membership, where a member joins WA without any charges and study the course, likely Entrepreneur Certification course, Boot Camp course, Keyword tools, free domain, hosting (up to 2 websites).  They can continue as a free member as long as they want.

Online marketers cannot get success without the help of other experience and successful online entrepreneur.  People who have no idea of the online marketing, World Wide Web is an ocean and there are thousands of online marketing programs, training courses, tools are available to choose the correct program is absolutely difficult task and for newbies it is next to impossible.  In the forum and many other discussion boards it is found that most of the new online marketers joined with the scam program and they are not only lost their money but also the valuable times.

In case study it is proved that the most successful online marketers had some kind of guru and useful support program behind their success.  Wealthy Affiliate provides support on website building, free hosting, free domain, one on one training, online training classes, forum discussion etc., to help a newbie to become a successful internet marketer.  Owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson take part actively in the forum and any member can get help from them if he stuck up somewhere in building his online business.  If he wants to discuss his problem personally he can send a Private Message (PM) to the owner for help.

In the history of internet marketing it seems that many people started internet marketing business with enthusiasm of earning money online but after some time they left dishearten.  It takes some time to establish in Internet marketing and start to earn money but people don’t have patience.  Wealthy Affiliate offers his members to earn money while they are in a learning process.  In Boot Camp Course one member has to build a website on Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to promote the website and how to get traffic, all step by step courses are taught.  The member who seriously follows the Boot Camp Course and act as per teaching schedule definitely he will start earning money while he is learning.  He will further get encouragement to go further in building is Online Business since he is seen the money is coming.  Even if it is $5 or $10 it will boost the morale and encouragement to proceed further.

Without motivation or set up a goal it is difficult to get achievement in life even in case of online business.  Wealthy Affiliate set up a goal for their members motivate them to get success in online business.  Those who reach the goal they are being rewarded.  It is very easy for the WA members to reach success since they have some target to achieve; it is really a moral boosting.

 I recommend this Program for new aspirant enter pruner even though who are struggling online marketers to get success.   The owners have clear mindset and they are really wanted to help the online marketers to get results in internet marketing business.  Practically they don’t show any unreachable promises. To become successful in online business one has to learn the professional way to brand him to promote the product he select in a proper manner.  Wealthy Affiliate guided its members in the same method.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a quick reach successful program.  This program teaches his members how to start an online business and gradually reach towards success.  To reach success in online business Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools, support, help and everything.  So if you follow the program and act as per the instruction there is no other way to reach your goal.

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  1. Very nice and thorough description of WA! These guys are what brought me from knowing nothing to the path to success! I suggest anyone even curious about it to just sign up for the free membership. They don`t need a credit card and there`s no obligations or anything. When you check it out for yourself, you`ll see why!

  2. Hi There. I like the layout of your review for WA. I am a member myself and I agree it is one of the best membership sites online for learning about affiliate marketing. There are others out there but none of them have the same kind of supportive community. Also I have never found anywhere that provides access to the top dogs like WA. Being able to send private messages and chat live with the owners (who are very down to earth) with the Premium membership is golden.

    Thanks for the review. I am sure you will be helping a lot of affiliate marketers who are struggling to make a living.

    All The Best, Kewl Web.

  3. I see you share interesting content here, you can earn some extra cash,
    your website has huge potential, for the monetizing method, just search in google – K2 advices how to monetize a website


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